Selenium WebDriver Training Outline

Course Objective

On Completion of Selenium –Java course the participants will be able to

  • Understand Oops /java concepts
  • Understand Selenium IDE,RC
  • Understand Selenium WebDriver tool in depth, it’s features & components
  • Building a new Test Framework by using Web Driver, Test NG and Maven

Duration: 30 Hrs


  • eclipse-jee-juno-win32-x86_64
  • JDK 1.6
  • Firefox 4 , firebug and firepath
  • Set up TestNG, Maven and Selenium 2.25 for eclipse


Module 1: Selenium Introduction

  • Selenium Introduction
    • What is Selenium and Why Selenium
  • Selenium Components
  • Introduction of selenium Components
  • Java in Selenium?

Module 2: OOPs concepts and Core java Introduction

  • OOPs concepts
  • Setup Java environment – Download JDK and Setup eclipse
  • Java programming concepts
    • Class, Object ,variables, methods, Packages
    • Conditions and loops
    • Access and non access modifiers
  • Advanced Java Programming
    • Interfaces, Inheritance
    • Collections, Exceptions

Module 3: Selenium IDE and RC Introduction

  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • “Selenese” – Selenium Commands
  • Actions,Asserts,Assesors
  • Developing Test Cases & Test Suites With Selenium-IDE
  • Introduction to Selenium RC

Module 4: Selenium WebDriver Introduction

  • Selenium WebDriver Introduction
  • WebDriver Vs RC
  • Download and Configure WebDriver with Eclipse
  • Simple Testcase
    • Open and Close Browser
    • Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE ,Chrome, HtmlUnitDriver
  • UI elements ,Locators
  • Identifying WebElement using id, name, link text, class, xpath, css
  • Handling various WebElement using WebDriver
  • Handling Mouse movements and keyboard Events

Module 5: Testing Framework and Tools

  • Introduction of Testing framework
  • Types of frameworks
  • Tools for developing Test Framework
  • TestNG introduction and Configuration with eclipse
  • TestNG Annotations and Data Providers
  • Creating Test Suit with TestNG

Module 6: Develop Hybrid Framework

  • Developing Hybrid Framework for Web Application using WebDriver /TestNG and Maven
  • Use external Data for Testing (Excel sheet , xml files, Property file )
  • Reading and understanding reports
  • Screenshots for failed Test case

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